Limit our impacts

100% Solar-Powered:

Our solar power system has a 20-kilowatt capacity that generates enough electricity for the autonomy of the island.  

Resource-Friendly Buildings 

Our buildings are made of concrete and traditional roof materials. Made on the island, all our wooden furniture were designed and created using recycled materials from old dismantled buildings.

 Eco-Friendly Water System

We take the water from a source on a neighbouring island. It is conveyed in a pipe on 4km by gravity without any energy. We minimize water consumption and wastewater is treated with a septic tank before drainage for plantations.

 Organic Farm

We grow what we can eat and eat what we grow ! The team tries to meet its needs of fruits, vegetables and livestock thanks to its organic farm. The first organic farm launched in 2014 covers 1.2 ha. A second organic farm was created in 2019.