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For three (3) months each year, Pangatalan Island is open for exclusive rent. Guests can enjoy a secluded island holiday while making a positive contribution to the environment and local community.

We proudly offer high-end service focused on health and wellness – from the fresh food you eat, the organic products you use, and the many activities you can enjoy. During your stay, you can also observe or participate in the Foundation’s projects.

Everyone is welcome to join and volunteer in our projects. You will live a simple and healthy life while learning about marine conservation and sustainable development.

Our days usually start with breakfast at 7am and end at around 5pm. You can choose to participate in our available programs. Or if you have a particular area of interest, let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate a customized project for you.

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Make a donation alone or with friends and Sulubaai Foundation will install your artificial reef composed by SRP for your coral fragments, geolocated and referenced to your name.

  • With periodic reception of picture or video of your coral growth, you will be able to follow your involment every year.
  • A survey (e.g coral growth, recruit %, density of fish and invertebrate population) will be done on your personal reef and will serve for our scientific partner in order to better understand coral reef resilience in Asia Pacific area. 

Thanks to your donation, you contribute to the restoration of coral reefs and their habitat function for many marine organisms, which have been destroyed by dynamite fishing, and then you help local population to protect their main food resource.

SRP reef


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