Tropical Coastal Ecosystems are organised around 3 main components : Mangroves, Seagrass and Coral Reefs. They are complementary and constitutes a key triptych supporting natural processes such as nutrients transport, fauna life cycle and food web. Within PIMPA the triptych cover 39.6 % with an area of 17.79 ha.


Within the 46 ha of Pangatalan Island and its marine protected area, the ecosystems have been categorized in 13 categories. Terrestrial ecosystems of Pangatalan Island cover nearly 4 ha of native and gardened vegetation. Intertidal ecosystem cover nearly 14 ha where highly productive ecosystems such as mangroves and seagrass respectively cover 2 ha and 4,7 ha. Underwater ecosystems cover nearly 27 ha. In the marine area, 11 ha are dominated by hard corals comprising reef flat, reef crestland and reef slope. Open waters with a maximum depth of 26 meters cover 14,5 ha and are mainly covered at the bottom by fin silty mud and sand.