Marine area confined !

Watch & Protect


The Phillipines are in lockdown. Pangatalan Island, our small islet, is also in containment, and the workforce is reduced to only 7 people. Day and night, we control our marine protected area because illegal fishermen take advantage of the decline in vigilance in the bay to venture into the protection zone.



On French TV, channel TF1 

TV report  


In January TF1 came to shoot a 5 minute report on our pilot project “The Sea Academy” in Palawan. The report is broadcast in the 8pm news and relayed on social networks, 4 million views in one day. 



Palawan knowledge platform 

Quaterly meeting  


It has been 6 months since Sulubaai became member of the Palawan Knowledge Platform led by the PCSD (Palawan Council of Sustainable Development). In February was held the 23rd meeting of the platform.  



High school students take action ! 

Mangrove restoration  


The group of high school students from Lycee St Louis de Gignac-La-Nerthe (near Marseille, France) spent a week on the island of Pangatalan to learn about tropical ecosystems, ecological restoration and local populations. They took action by planting 800 mangrove plants and adopting an artificial reef to restore the Pangatalan coral reef. 




High school meeting 

French & Filippino students  


Sulubaaï invites a group of high school students from Lycee St Louis de Gignac-La-Nerthe (near Marseille, France) who are on the initiative of sustainable development projects in their high school to meet high school students from the village of Sandoval (Palawan, Philippines).



Waste separation in the villages 

Villages become more sustainable


As part of the Sea Academy program, the villages of Depla and Sandoval want to become exemplary by organizing selective sorting of their waste  for the first time in their village to avoid discharges into the sea, an action undertaken with the help of Sulubaaï. 




Paris dive show

Philippines stand


Paris diving show, meeting on the Philippines stand with the team from the Tourist Office, Frédéric Tardieu meets Senator Nancy Binay and Ambassador Theresa Lazaro. Sulubaaï movies about ecological restoration are are looped on the set.


Sulubaaï’s ambassador

Frédéric Tardieu & Guillaume Néry


At the dive show which is held each year in Paris, this is an opportunity for Frédéric Tardieu and Guillaume Néry, ambassador of Sulubaaï foundation, to meet and discuss the future of projects for the sea.



Western Philippines University

Young researchers visit Pangatalan 


Sulubaaï strengthens its relations with the Western Philippines University by welcoming 10 young researchers working on the BLUE COMMUNITIES project which aims at a sustainable use of marine resources in East and Southeast Asia. .  




Documentary on TV Canal +

Energy Observer, messengers of the Earth


Presented on the occasion of the COP 25, the documentary “Energy observer, the messengers of the Earth” presents communities that are committed to the preservation of biodiversity around the world such as those of the Shark Fin Bay with the support of the Sulubai Foundation. 



2 Marine protected areas kick-off

in Depla et Sandoval villages 


As the first stage of the Sea Academy project, the villages Depla and Sandoval officially signed their agreement for the creation of two marine protected areas of 50 ha each. Each community will be in charge to manage its marine protected area. 



Trophées des français d’Asie-Océanie

Innovation award


Sulubaaï receives the award of innovation during the celebration of the trophy of French expatriates in Asia and Oceania. This award was given by the French Embassy of Singapour. It rewards the innovation initiative of Sulubaai Foundation in the Sea Academy project being launched. 


October (14th – 18th)

3rd annual meeting SMILO

Annual report of small islands 


SULUBAAI FOUNDATION presented its annual report during the 3rd annual meeting of SMILO (Small Islands Organization) which took place in Porquerolles island (France). As last year former laureate, Sulubaai was chosen to award a prize to Tavolara Island . 

3rd annual meeting SMILO

October (10th)

Clean-Up Day in Sandoval High School

Raise awareness about plastic waste 


Sulubaaï Foundation organized a campaign on waste, particularly plastics, among students at Sandoval High School (Palawan, Philippines). The two marine biologists from Sulubaai presented the problem of plastics in the oceans, then it was the students’ turn to present their art works and reflections on the subject. The event ended with a garbage collection in the village of Sandoval, especially around the river.


September (18th – 28th)

Race for water

Preserve oceans from plastic waste


RACE FOR WATER offers innovative solutions to transform plastic wastes into energy. During its mission around the world, the RACE FOR WATER vanguard ship and its crew are invited by Sulubaai Foundation to stop in Puerto Princesa (Palawan, Philippines). A grand opening with students, scientists and local authorities will be broadcast on local television channels.


September (12th-15th)


Sulubaaï open the festival with its film


Sulubaaï presents its film for the opening of the LUMEXPLORE festival. Since 2016, the Society of French Explorers has organized this festival. For Sulubaai it is a great honor to present his coral restoration work and Pangatalan as an example of sustainable island.



Corail Artefact

Use lace to save the corals


In august Pangatalan MPA will be one of the first sites of experimentation of the CORAIL ARTEFACT method. The goal of CORAIL ARTEFACT project : to demonstrate that lace is a natural material that allows the growth of corals and the regeneration of new coral colonies without harmful impact on the marine environment. This project was initiated by the artist Jérémy Gobé associated with the National Museum of Natural History, (France) and Scop Fontanille (lace factory) as a service provider.


July (24th – 26th)

Conference Biosphere & Sustainability

Communicate Sulubaaï results


Frédéric Tardieu and the two marine biologists from Sulubaaï attended this international conference organized by the PCSD (Palawan Sustainable Development Council). Sulubaaï presents two papers: the first shows the results of a year of coral restoration, the second presents the island of Pangatalan as an example of sustainable development. This international conference was an opportunity to exchange with scientists and politicians.

Sulu-Reef-Prothesis – Sustainable island


Palawan Knowledge Platform for Biodiversity and Sustainability (PKBBSD)

Sulubaaï as member


This platform is an online Platform designed as a device for sharing of biodiversity handle by the PCSD (Palawan Council for Sustainable Development). In July, Sulubaaï becomes member of the PKPBSD and will participate, as such, in the reflections and projects about Palawan biodiversity. It is a great recognition for a private foundation to be integrated with the institutional ones. 

Palawan Knowledge Platform








Zero-carbon resort

Sulubaaï awarded as Zero-Carbon


The Sulubaaï Foundation is labeled “ZERO-CARBON RESORT” with the best low emissions score among 317 candidate resorts. The ZERO-CARBON RESORT program aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the tourism industry in the Palawan region, notably through the use of solar energy and the introduction of green technologies.


May (20th – 26th)

SMILO Celebrates Islands

Raise awareness among the young generation


Sulubaaï raise awareness about sustainability in Depla School by promoting the 6th edition of CELEBRATE ISLANDS organized by SMILO, PIM Initiative and the Conservatoire du littoral to involve small islands worldwide.  The students of Depla School spent a day brainstorming about an ideal sustainable management of their island for the future and presented the result of their reflection. 


May (10th)

Visits secondary school class in France

Raise awareness among the young generation


Fred Tardieu visited a class from a secondary school in La Ciotat (France) to raise awareness about environmental issues and global warming. This class participates in a biodiversity awareness program and has called itself “the class of new explorers”. The students were very interested in the preservation of the oceans.


Visits high school class in France

Raise awareness among the young generation


Frédéric Tardieu visited a high school in Gignac-La-Nerthe (France) to share its experience about Sulubaai Foundation and to present the challenge of coral restoration. The class decided to take action in Sulubaaï coral restoration project : they adopt an artificial reef made of Sulu-Reef-Prothesis on which broken fragments of corals are installed in order to regenerate. Some students from the school will come and meet the local schools surrounding Pangatalan and to learn about the marine environments.


Coral restoration training

To train divers from Singapore 


A group of divers from Singapore came to Pangatalan Island to be trained on the protocol of coral restoration implemented in Sulubaaï marine protected area. During few days, the divers discovered the Sulu-Reef-Prothesis and how to select, install and maintain corals fragments on it. They have observed the results of the application of the protocol: survival rate, fixation and growth of coral colonies installed for over a year.


ACCENTURE – CORAil project

To register photographic data


ACCENTURE, new partner of Sulubaaï Foundation, installs its special underwater camera in Pangatalan marine protected area. This is the first step of the project that will last few years. The camera is equiped with a software that send a pictures every 5 minutes online. The objective is to identify the fish and their behavior and create a program able to automatically identify fish based on pictures. 


ACCENTURE invitation in Singapore

A talk about the fish survey in Pangatalan 


Sulubaai was invited by the company ACCENTURE in order to explain its survey on fish population living next to the artificial reef including several Sulu-Reef-Prothesis). 


Pangatalan is declared Palawan Hope Spot 

Sulubaaï awarded by Mission Blue


Mission Blue declares Pangatalan Island and its marine protected are as “Palawan hope spot”. Hope Spots are special places that are critical to the health of the ocean — Earth’s blue heart. Hope Spots are about recognizing, empowering and supporting individuals and communities around the world in their efforts to protect the ocean. Dr. Sylvia Earle introduced the concept in her 2009 TED talk and since then the idea has inspired millions across the planet.



International diving exhibition in Paris

A stand  for Sulubaaï


Sulubaaï was present on the stand of the Philippines. Laurent Ballesta came to explain his reportage on the horseshoe crabs of Pangatalan Island. 






Pangatalan, sustainable island

Sulubaaï awarded by SMILO


SMILO “Small Island Organization” awards the Sulubaai Foundation with the international label for sustainable small island management in recognition of its outstanding work in land restoration, resource management and ecosystem conservation. Pangatalan becomes a true example of a sustainable island for the island of the world.



Inauguration of a water reservoir in Depla

Sulubaaï helps the local community


For the “Celebrate Island” event, the Sulubaai Foundation inaugurates a new water reservoir for the village of Depla. This reservoir, financed by the Sulubaaï Foundation, will allow more than 300 inhabitants to have drinking water directly at home.


Diving show, SIngapour

To share its experience


During the diving show in Singapore, Sulubaai presents its work on coral restoration in the session dedicated to the conservation of the oceans. 


Pangatalan welcomes TARA OCEANS

To meet scientists


The scientific research vessel of TARA OCEANS Foundation went to Pangatalan for a week. Its mission was to study the state of coral reefs in response to climate change and the pressure of human activities.


Expérimental site

Post-larvae and horseshoe crab


Pangatalan hosted ECOCEAN (post-larval studies), ANDROMEDE OCEANOLOGY (coral reef photogrammetry), CHORUS ACOUSTICS (sound recordings of ecosystems) and Laurent Ballesta and his team for a documentary on horseshoe crab.




Memorandum of Agreement CTI-SEA

Agreement for the sustainable fisheries


Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with the CTI-SEA (Coral Triangle Initiative – Southeast Asia) to engage in a partnership with the Taytay Fisheries Committee and the local government for the protection of specific areas in Shark Fin Bay.





Inauguration of the foundation

Our two ambassadors 


Official launch of our foundation with our two ambassadors: Guillaume Néry (free diving World Champion) and Odessa Bugarin (free diver mermaid actively involved in the conservation of marine environments). The event took place on Pangatalan Island with the collaboration of the Taytay Municipality, Freediving Planet, Ministry of Tourism and Studio H2O.


SMILO Celebrate Islands

Cleaning Depla’s coastline


For the festival “Celebrate Islands”, the Sulubaai Foundation organized coastal cleanings in Depla, Silanga and Sandoval. A large number of people participated and 2,500 kg of waste was collected.



Creation of the marine protected area

46 hectares protected


Covering an area of 46 ha, PIMPA is defined as a “no-take zone”: an area in which no fishing neither spearfishing activities are permitted.

Creation of the SRP (Sulu-Reef-Prothesis)

Artificial reefs to help corals on rubble fields


Sulu-Reef Prothesis (SRP) are durable reinforced concrete structures that support corals in order to restore a reef structure in rubble, where coral where destroyed by dynamite fishing. Corals installed on SRPs are fragments of unstable colonies.

Start of the restoration of mangrove

9000 plants, 12 species


9000 plants were planted. After restoration the mangroves of the island of Pangatalan are diversified with 12 species. These ecosystems not only house marine life, they also prevent the flow of sediments to coral reefs and increase the stability of the coast.