Creation of the marine protected area

46 hectares protected


Covering an area of 46 ha, PIMPA is defined as a “no-take zone”: an area in which no fishing neither spearfishing activities are permitted.

Creation of the SRP (Sulu-Reef-Prothesis)

Artificial reefs to help corals on rubble fields


Sulu-Reef Prothesis (SRP) are durable reinforced concrete structures that support corals in order to restore a reef structure in rubble, where coral where destroyed by dynamite fishing. Corals installed on SRPs are fragments of unstable colonies.

Start of the restoration of mangrove

9000 plants, 12 species


9000 plants were planted. After restoration the mangroves of the island of Pangatalan are diversified with 12 species. These ecosystems not only house marine life, they also prevent the flow of sediments to coral reefs and increase the stability of the coast.