Pangatalan, sustainable island

Sulubaaï awarded by SMILO


SMILO “Small Island Organization” awards the Sulubaai Foundation with the international label for sustainable small island management in recognition of its outstanding work in land restoration, resource management and ecosystem conservation. Pangatalan becomes a true example of a sustainable island for the island of the world.



Inauguration of a water reservoir in Depla

Sulubaaï helps the local community


For the “Celebrate Island” event, the Sulubaai Foundation inaugurates a new water reservoir for the village of Depla. This reservoir, financed by the Sulubaaï Foundation, will allow more than 300 inhabitants to have drinking water directly at home.


Diving show, SIngapour

To share its experience


During the diving show in Singapore, Sulubaai presents its work on coral restoration in the session dedicated to the conservation of the oceans. 


Pangatalan welcomes TARA OCEANS

To meet scientists


The scientific research vessel of TARA OCEANS Foundation went to Pangatalan for a week. Its mission was to study the state of coral reefs in response to climate change and the pressure of human activities.


Expérimental site

Post-larvae and horseshoe crab


Pangatalan hosted ECOCEAN (post-larval studies), ANDROMEDE OCEANOLOGY (coral reef photogrammetry), CHORUS ACOUSTICS (sound recordings of ecosystems) and Laurent Ballesta and his team for a documentary on horseshoe crab.