Marine area confined !

Watch & Protect


The Phillipines are in lockdown. Pangatalan Island, our small islet, is also in containment, and the workforce is reduced to only 7 people. Day and night, we control our marine protected area because illegal fishermen take advantage of the decline in vigilance in the bay to venture into the protection zone.



On French TV, channel TF1 

TV report  


In January TF1 came to shoot a 5 minute report on our pilot project “The Sea Academy” in Palawan. The report is broadcast in the 8pm news and relayed on social networks, 4 million views in one day. 



Palawan knowledge platform 

Quaterly meeting  


It has been 6 months since Sulubaai became member of the Palawan Knowledge Platform led by the PCSD (Palawan Council of Sustainable Development). In February was held the 23rd meeting of the platform.  



High school students take action ! 

Mangrove restoration  


The group of high school students from Lycee St Louis de Gignac-La-Nerthe (near Marseille, France) spent a week on the island of Pangatalan to learn about tropical ecosystems, ecological restoration and local populations. They took action by planting 800 mangrove plants and adopting an artificial reef to restore the Pangatalan coral reef. 




High school meeting 

French & Filippino students  


Sulubaaï invites a group of high school students from Lycee St Louis de Gignac-La-Nerthe (near Marseille, France) who are on the initiative of sustainable development projects in their high school to meet high school students from the village of Sandoval (Palawan, Philippines).



Waste separation in the villages 

Villages become more sustainable


As part of the Sea Academy program, the villages of Depla and Sandoval want to become exemplary by organizing selective sorting of their waste  for the first time in their village to avoid discharges into the sea, an action undertaken with the help of Sulubaaï. 




Paris dive show

Philippines stand


Paris diving show, meeting on the Philippines stand with the team from the Tourist Office, Frédéric Tardieu meets Senator Nancy Binay and Ambassador Theresa Lazaro. Sulubaaï movies about ecological restoration are are looped on the set.


Sulubaaï’s ambassador

Frédéric Tardieu & Guillaume Néry


At the dive show which is held each year in Paris, this is an opportunity for Frédéric Tardieu and Guillaume Néry, ambassador of Sulubaaï foundation, to meet and discuss the future of projects for the sea.



Western Philippines University

Young researchers visit Pangatalan 


Sulubaaï strengthens its relations with the Western Philippines University by welcoming 10 young researchers working on the BLUE COMMUNITIES project which aims at a sustainable use of marine resources in East and Southeast Asia. .