04.07.2018 – UNESCO – Natural Sciences Sector 


The Pagatalan Island, which forms part of the Palawan Biosphere Reserve (Philippines), operates as an effective living laboratory for conservation and sustainable development through cooperation between the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development and the Sulubaai Foundation (SEF). It combines nature conservation with sustainable tourism, mangrove restoration and community development.








22.03.2018 – D’île en île – ONG Initiative “Petites île de Méditerranée”


It is certainly one of the most extraordinary stories that we have been told, from islands to islands, while doing a mission with our partner Andromède Oceanology … In the 90s, Frédéric TARDIEU met Thierry, a guy from Marseille freshly installed on a small island lost in the Sulu Sea in the Philippines. Curious to learn more about this life of Robinson, Frédéric decides to visit Thierry and embarks for more than 30 hours of travel, between planes, dirt tracks and canoes. The island is love at first sight…


Ouest France – L’édition du soir – Corinne Bourbeillon



In the Philippines, this French couple has made a crazy dream come true : buy an island. They planted trees and now make coral cuttings. Their goal: to make Pangatalan a model of a small, sustainable island with high biodiversity that could be replicated elsewhere in the world.