Created in 2012, Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation (SEF) is a Philippine-based non-profit organization dedicated to conserve, protect, and restore the natural resources of Palawan through environmentally sustainable practices and active ecosystems restoration. Its action is mainly focused on the island of Pangatalan and its surroundings in Shark Bay.


 Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation was born out of a common love for the ocean and desire to help the local communities of Palawan. We decided to restore Pangatalan Island whose ecosystems had been severely degraded. In 2011, when we arrived on the island, we decided to stop any negative impact. In 2016, we created a 46-hectare marine protected area surrounding the island of Pangatalan. Our development model integrates local people, the environment and an economy based on a sustainable strategy.




Guillaume NERY : godfather of the foundation


Guillaume Nery, apnea world champion, is the godfather of the SULUBAAI foundation. He supports all our actions of restoration, conservation and collaboration with the local people of Palawan.


The idea of having a freediver as an ambassador is I think to follow the same philosophy that they are trying with Sulubaai foundation, to do here. They are trying to reconnect what nature was before with what it should be. and the human action – the human interaction – is minimal. I think it’s a strong symbol for the foundation to choose a freediver as freediving is the purest way to interact with the marine life”  (G. Néry)








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