Sea Academy 2020-2023

The project SEA ACADEMY focuses on ecosystem preservation, education & training, economic development and scientific research. The core of the project is the creation of 3 participative marine protected areas managed by the local communities. It will benefit directly to the population of the villages of Shark Fin Bay (Palawan, Philippines) and to students from Philippines Universities.  


The Sea Academy project has for main objectives :

  1. To create 3 community-based Marine Protected Areas  with the 3 neighbouring villages (Depla, Silanga, Sandoval).
  2. To stop the destructive and illegal fishing practices in the bay.
  3. To get better knowledge of marine ecosystems by collaborating with scientists. 
  4. To restore coral reefs with artificial reefs (Sulu-Reef-Prothesis).
  5. To increase the fish populations with reintroduction of fish juveniles. 
  6. To educate the local young generation about its marine environment. 
  7. To generate an economic development providing employment and sustainable fish farms.