Specific missions with collaborators

Since the creation of the marine protected area of Pangatalan in 2016, scientific missions were performed in collaboration with partners providing an expertise in very specific techniques : photogrammetry, acoustic of ecosystems.

Photogrammetry of the coral reef

Objective: Get a precise three-dimensional visualization of the coral growth on natural and artificial reefs. 


Date of missions: Dec 2017, April 2018, Dec 2019

Technique: Photogrammetry is a technique that enable to map a scene in 3D using the parallax of images acquired from different points of view.

Expected results:  at the end of those 3 missions, 1 hectare of coral reef will be recorded in three-dimensional images. 






Acoustic analysis of the coral reef 

Objectives : Mapping coral reef marine life by passive acoustics and to study the state of conservation of the coral reefs thanks to passive acoustics 


Date of missions : April 2018, Dec 2019

Technique : Mapping of coral reef marine life in three dimensions with 4 compact hydrophones within the scope of eco-acoustics studies.

Expected results : The reef and its biophony integrated in a 3D object that everyone could visit (rotation, zoom etc.). Comparison between the 3D acoustic mapping and the photogrammetry mapping made by Andromède Oceanology. 



Post-larval Capture, Culture and Restocking 

Objectives : To help the restocking of fish populations

Collaborator : ECOCEAN

Date of missions : April 2018, Dec 2019

Technique : Fish larvae are captured to be kept away from predators during three months and then released as juveniles. 

Expected results : An increase in the fish population next to the MPA.