Committed supporters

Committed supporters

Our ambassadors

Guillaume Néry

French freediving champion, expert in deep dives. He is able on a single breath to -126m below the surface of the sea. Multiple world record holder, double world champion, he was recently distinguished by accidentally achieving the deepest dive in history at -139m. Guillaume’s endeavours go far beyond the simple sport of diving. Combining aesthetics and performance, films and exploration, Guillaume practices his discipline as an art, his own art of living.

Odessa Bugarin

Odessa is a freediver and scuba diver, and a well-known figure in the Philippines, known as a professional mermaid and marine life conservation activist, she raises awareness of the threats to the oceans by making videos.

Laurent Ballesta

French naturalist photographer and author of 13 photography books about marine wildlife. Co-creator of the Andromède Océanologie company in 2000, he has led several large-scale expeditions over the past 10 years. His Gombessa Expeditions are based on three emblematic principles: a scientific mystery, a diving challenge and the promise of unique images. Laurent is an ambassador of the Sea Academy project.

Christine Amour-Levar

A French-Swiss-Filipino social entrepreneur, adventurer, author and lawyer, she created Women on a Mission (WOAM) and HER Planet Earth. Two non-profit organisations that take all-women teams on pioneering expeditions to support women who are disadvantaged or affected by climate change.
Christine is an ambassador of the Sea Academy project.

Morgan Bourch’is

Morgan is a freediver, three times world champion and specialises in unassisted dives. He can dive down to -91m while swimming breaststroke and coming back up the same way. Morgan is from Marseille (France) and dives in seas all over the world. He is committed to humanitarian and environmental causes. Morgan is an ambassador of the Sea Academy project.

Committed brands

Mersea Mersea

Created by scuba divers, Mersea Mersea is a young brand of eco-friendly clothing and accessories ethically made from organically grown or recycled materials. The brand supports Sulubaaï by donating a part of its profits and promoting our coral restoration project to its customers.


Equilibre offers eco-friendly diving and travelling. This new tourism operator supports Sulubaaï by including Pangatalan coral adoption in each traveller’s budget.


Cressi is an Italian company that manufactures products for the sea, swimming, fishing, scuba diving, and supports Sulubaaï by providing snorkeling equipment for the children who participate in the Sea Academy project.