Our Pangatalan Island

Our Island

Pangatalan Island

This very small area is located in the north-east of Palawan Island (Philippines), in Shark Fin Bay. It has a very small surface area of 4.5 hectares, which allowed us to start our environmental restoration projects on this small scale: as soon as we arrived, we implemented all the necessary measures to address the very bad condition of the area in order to immediately preserve the ecosystems without further delay.

Pangatalan Marine Protected Area

Since March 2016, the island is surrounded by a 46 hectare marine protected area (MPA) created by the Sulubaaï Foundation, in agreement with the barangays (villages) of Depla & Silanga, as well as the municipality of Taytay. The MPA has a highly diverse marine environment where at least 13 ecosystems have been identified.

Our impact-limiting facilities

The foundation acquired Pangatalan Island in 2011 to establish its headquarters. In order to limit our impact: the total construction area is limited to 5% of the island’s surface, buildings are sustainable, freshwater supply comes from a spring, solar panels provide all the energy needs, an organic farm provides the daily food supply, and waste recycling and transportation has been implemented.

A place to stay

The island’s facilities have been built according to sustainable eco-lodge standards. This choice was strategic, as it makes the Sulubaaï Foundation adaptable and attractive. In the event of financial needs, the foundation could occasionally turn to ecotourism, while continuing its environmental activities and initiatives. On a daily basis, the facilities allow the foundation to host partners and employees staying on site in good conditions.


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