Education & training

& training

Our goals

Helping people discover marine environments

through immersion in a marine educational area

Raising the younger generation’s awareness

of marine ecosystems and their protection

Training in sustainable resource management

and fishing practices

Welcoming students and academics,

encouraging exchanges

Helping people discover marine environments

through immersion in a marine educational area and raising the younger generation’s awareness

In collaboration with the three primary schools and the secondary school in Shark Fin Bay, we are carrying out an awareness and education programme on marine environments and their sustainable management. This programme is based on the creation of a marine educational area, equipped with a platform allowing students to immerse themselves in the coral reef at a shallow depth without disturbing the area. Each year 8 classes totalling 250 students will participate in the programme. It includes basic notions of marine ecosystems and groups of associated living organisms, notions of sustainable management of resources, and accounts from fishermen. The students will be in charge of monitoring a small coastal marine educational area.

Training in restoration and sustainable resource management

Sulubaaï, together with its team and partners, possesses the knowledge and expertise in terms of: marine protected area management, scientific research, state-of-the-art biological monitoring technologies, and coral reef and fish stock restoration techniques. The foundation is committed to transferring this knowledge and expertise within its team, to local partners and to all those who would like to replicate its measures in other areas.

Welcoming students and academic teams

The Sulubaaï Foundation collaborates with universities, particularly with those in the Philippines. Together we share our expertise and data to enrich local public databases. We host student internships and offer jobs to young graduates of Palawan universities.