Our mission: to restore marine ecosystems

Creating community-based marine protected areas. Supporting local populations to preserve and manage their marine resources. Promoting sustainable resource harvesting methods.

trees and mangroves planted

corals transplanted

artificial reefs installed

schoolchildren and high school students made aware of the problem

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Make a donation, and adopt some coral!

It will be implanted in a marine protected area and monitored by the Sulubaai scientific team

You would be contributing to coral reef restoration and its role as a habitat for many marine organisms, thereby helping local populations to maintain their food resources.

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Restoring the structure of damaged coral reefs and promoting the development of corals. Restoring fisheries resources by promoting the survival of fish at their primary developmental stages.
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Better understanding marine ecosystems to better protect them, by collaborating with scientists. Becoming a center for tropical ecological restoration in order to test innovative methods and techniques
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& Training

Raise the younger generation’s awareness of their marine environment. Train local populations to ensure sustainable management of their marine resources.
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Commitment to communities

Supporting local communities in their daily life and their sustainable development measures. Providing professional opportunities. Organising events that promote exchanges and environmental protection.
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The area

Pangatalan Island is located on the northeast coast of Palawan (Philippines) in Shark Fin Bay. The island is very close to Palawan but without direct access and has a surface area of 4.5 hectares. The foundation acts firstly in Pangatalan island and Shark Fin Bay and tends to promote a sustainable management of marine resources in other small islands and marine areas.
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About us

At the core of the foundation, we are ocean lovers who have decided to combine our passion and our skills to safeguard a unique environment with the local communities and for the local communities.

Chris and Fred Tardieu, originally from Marseille (France), left everything behind to settle on the island of Pangatalan in 2011 and founded Sulubaaï in the process with Filipinos. The team has been gradually growing with the addition of marine biologists, in order to implement the foundation’s increasingly ambitious projects. The Sulubaaï team and its partners have brought together local villages, Filipinos from other regions and international foreigners.

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Our ambassadors

Guillaume Néry

Odessa Bugarin

Laurent Ballesta

Christine Amour Levar

Morgan Bourch’is

our impact

95% solar powered

Our 20-kilowatt solar power system generates enough electricity to power the island’s facilities.

Sustainable buildings

On the island all the constructions are sustainable, the wood of our constructions comes from old traditional houses bought by the foundation. All the furniture and decorative objects were made with recycled materials.

Water supply

The island’ s water supply comes from a spring on a neighbouring island. A 4 km long pipe carries this water gravitationally. We minimise our consumption. Wastewater is recycled and reused for plantation irrigation.

Organic farm

The team tries to sustain itself with fruit, vegetables and meat from its organic farm. We eat what we grow and grow what we need! The first organic farm started in 2014 covers 1.2 ha. A second organic farm was established in 2019.

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